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You asked. We Listened: House Tours 2015

The Center for Student Engagement staff didn’t just hold House Tours so you felt like you were being heard. We actually listened and have been working since then to facilitate some of the changes brought up during those conversations. Here is a summary of what we’ve done so far:


You asked about a warm place to wait for the VEX on Foggy. We listened and Funger Hall is accessible 24/7 for all MVC residents.

You asked about standing on the VEX and here is clarification on when you can stand on the VEX:

  • As long as you are behind the yellow/white line
  • The shuttle has handles or an overhead railing to hold
  • You don’t have food or beverages in your hands
  • There is not an expected delay of route—we don’t want you standing for 30+ minutes if there is traffic

You asked about concerns over specific VEX drivers and we brought this to the attention of International Limousine and GW took appropriate and timely measures to address these concerns.

To stay up to date with VEX delays, consider having @TheVernExpress tweets sent directly to your phone. Here’s how!

To report concerns or give feedback directly about the Vern Express, email talktogw@gwu.edu

Common Rooms

You asked about the cable box in Hensley and broken TV in Merriweather as of November 6, these are both up and running. In addition, due to the generosity of our campus partners and the Alumni of Mount Vernon College and Seminary, we are adding a pool table to West Hall and a foosball table to Somers Hall!


You asked about keeping the lights on the Tennis Courts and Fields on later and we listened, however; due to the close proximity of the Mount Vernon Campus and our neighbors, the campus plan restricts the lights being on any later than the currently are.

Pelham/Campus Dining

You asked about off-campus food options that accept GWorld and the SA has launched a survey to start collecting interest.

You asked about broadening the pizza options at Pelham, we listened and soon you will see buffalo chicken pizza and barbeque pizza added to the options.

You asked about expanding breakfast options available at Zime, we are exploring how we can best serve you by looking into options to cut down the morning rush.

You asked about later hours for Grab & Go and Grille options, these options are available Monday through Thursday until midnight and Friday-Sunday until 9 pm.

Washing Machines

You asked about the washing machines, we listened and as of November 5, they are all up and running. We brought a technician in from the washer company to do a site walk through of all the laundry rooms on the Mount Vernon Campus. In the future, as problems arise, call Caldwell and Gregory at 1-800-927-9274.

Lockers on Foggy Bottom Campus

You asked about Lockers on the Foggy Bottom Campus. All students can rent a locker in the Marvin Center for $15/semester. Contact David Acevedo at dacevedo@gwu.edu or (202)994-4334 to rent one!

Student Package Services

You asked about extended hours and increased staffing at SPS, we listened and Student Package Services is exploring a variety of staffing options to better accommodate student needs providing operating hours both in the morning and afternoon/evening.

Want to give us more feedback? Email engage@gwu.edu!


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